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A Hong Kong native and writing for printing media since aged 17, Amos is a Film/TV graduate of HKAPA and held postgraduate qualification in Multimedia, Psychology and Sports. He has been a writer-director for Radio Television Hong Kong’s commissioning documentaries and single episode TV drama since 2001, and he has been awarded 10 production contracts for 22-minute TV dramas and documentaries by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) between 2002 and 2016. Amos Why directed his first feature film ‘Dot 2 Dot’ in 2014, which has been recognized as the film of merit by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards in 2015. Amos Why also worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Open University of Hong Kong from 2014 – 2020, while completing his second feature ‘Napping Kid’ in 2018. His third feature film, ‘Far Far Away’ was selected as the Closing Film of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival in 2021, and achieved HK$10M box office.



飾 鍾哲

As Chit

飾 Raymond

As Raymond

飾 Ana 兒子

As Ana's Son

飾 Raymond 女兒

As Raymond's


飾 鍾哲太太

As Chit's Wife


飾 花花


Cast & Crew

Everyphone Everywhere Crews


  • Producers: Winnie TSANG, Amos WHY, Teresa KWONG, Frankie CHUNG, Philo WU, Pao-ying CHEN

  • Director: Amos WHY

  • Writers: Amos WHY, Frankie CHUNG, Yu-sing KONG 

  • Director of Photography: LEUNG Ming Kai (H.K.S.C.)

  • Art Director: Suet-yan NG

  • Editor: Jefferson LAI, Stanley TAM

  • Costume Designer: Saphire HO

  • Music: WiFi, Chia-ying TSAI, Flow

  • Sound effects: Forgood Sound

  • 監製: 曾麗芬、 黃浩然、鄺珮詩、鍾宏杰、吳奇龍、陳保英

  • 導演: 黃浩然

  • 編劇: 黃浩然、鍾宏杰、江如聲

  • 攝影指導: 梁銘佳(H.K.S.C.)

  • 美術指導: 吳雪欣

  • 剪接: 黎冠東、譚國明

  • 服裝造型設計: 何凱婷

  • 音樂: 秦旭章、蔡佳穎、川流

  • 聲音後期: 好多聲音


片長:91 分鐘





We're in Hong Kong in 2022. 25 years after the handover and 25 years after the graduation of three classmates who decide to organize a reunion. In bittersweet tones, director Amos Why captures the unusual day of the three and their (and our) relationship with their phones: one of them has forgotten theirs, another one's has been hacked, while the third's keeps receiving strange messages. And the fourth protagonist is Hong Kong itself.

Available at Cineplex starting September 8, 2023.

All At Once.

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