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4拍4家族 Band Four



Mo, Lai Yan Chi

Since I grew up in an atypical family, ‘family’ is the motif of my creation. It is a process of exploration into myself and reflection on society.

Hong Kong is a city with a variety of voices. The four family members in the film, with bloodline, half-bloodline or non-blood relations, have their own past, confusion, fear, and hope, which represent different generations in Hong Kong today carrying different voices. 

If you find the best mates, as well as you find the best band! The film uses a band as a metaphor for the family and explores how different people gather in harmony but diversity. Throughout the time together, the Band Four members, once divided from broken families, are now on the stage facing the unknown future. At finale as a united family.

A film about musicians is not a common scenery here, especially inviting local musicians to play the roles and create themselves music that gives a life to the characters to move the story forward.

4拍4家族 Band Four - Director Lai Yan Chi


飾 Cat

As Cat

飾 家勁

As King

飾 Riley

As Riley

飾 陳樂弦

As Lok Yin

飾 Anson

As Anson

飾 Harry

As Harry


飾 花花

All of the Cast Are Real Musicians

From the producer, leading actor/actress, to the supporting actor/actress, they are all real and well-known musicians in Hong Kong and the Chinese community here in Canada.

Band Four_Still (36).JPG
4拍4家族 Band Four

BAND FOUR 4拍4家族 - Cast & Crew

Band Four Crews


  • Producers: Teddy Robin , Jacqueline LIU

  • Director: LAI Yan Chi

  • Writers: LAI Yan Chi 

  • Director of Photography: CHEUNG Yu Hon, Meteor

  • Art Designer: LEUNG Tsz Yin

  • Editor: Alan CHENG Wai Lun (H.K.S.E.)

  • Original Music: Day Tai

  • 監製: 泰迪羅賓、廖婉虹

  • 導演: 賴恩慈

  • 編劇: 賴恩慈

  • 攝影指導: 張宇瀚

  • 美術指導: 梁子賢

  • 剪接: 鄭偉麟

  • 原創音樂: 戴偉


Cat(謝安琪 飾)自小崇拜彈結他的父親家勁(泰迪羅賓 飾),家勁卻在她十歲時離家出走,自始消失人間。多年後,二人在火葬場內重逢,此時,Cat身邊多了一個九歲兒子Riley,家勁身邊多了一位少女樂弦,四人忽然同一屋簷下,一個家四種聲音,互有過去、秘密與恐懼。




Since young, Cat (starring Kay TSE) has admired her father King (starring Teddy Robin), who left home when she was ten and never being connected. 
Years later, they meet again in a crematorium, where Cat is with her nine years old son Riley (starring Rondi CHAN). While King is with Cat’s half-blooded sister Lok Yin (starring Anna hisbbuR). After an interim decision, the four of them are living together. 
This new family with four different voices, each with their past lifes, secrets, and fears. As the once-broken family members begin to set aside their differences and support each other, they will face even greater hardships with Cat's genetic disease.

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