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The Poet (R) 顧城別戀 (🔞限制級)
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中國禁片 4k 修復 《顧城別戀》版線上觀看
​China banned movie: The Poet - 4k restored. Watch Online

《顧城別戀》改編自詩人顧城的真人真事。顧城是中國朦朧詩主要代表詩人之一,年幼時親眼目睹中國文化大革命,期間作家父親顧平因其著作而被批鬥及迫害,對他的人生造成不可磨滅的陰影。電影將顧城化名為古城 (馮德倫飾),與蕾謎(李綺虹飾)結婚後,夫婦先應邀到德國講學,再移居到新西蘭激流島。當古城的女朋友李清(森野文子飾)來到激流島,三人便展開了同居的曖昧生活。顧城整天沉浸在自己的伊甸園裏,蕾謎最後受不了古城過份夢幻的想法而作出了一個人生重大的決定,令古城的精神受到嚴重打擊...


"The Poet" is adapted from the real-life experiences of the poet Gu Cheng. Gu Cheng experienced the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution in Beijing in his childhood, during which his father, Gu Ping, was criticized and persecuted for being a literati, leaving an indelible shadow and trauma on Gu Cheng's life. In the story, the poet Gu Cheng (played by Stephen Fung) grows up, marries Reimi (played by Theresa Lee Yee-Hung), and immigrated to New Zealand's Waiheki Island. The complex triangular relationship between Gu Cheng, his wife Reimi, and his girlfriend Li Qing (played by Ayako Morino) started after Qing went to New Zealand to live with them. Reimi eventually cannot stand Gu’s dream of Eden and makes a life-changing decision, that hurts Gu so much…

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