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nappingKID 逆向誘拐
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香港電影 《逆向誘拐》版線上觀看
Hong Kong Movie: nappingKid. Watch Online.

小儒(蘇麗珊飾)為投資銀行客戶財務分析趕工,檔案竟網上被盜,電腦部同事阿植(吳肇軒飾)遍尋不獲。老闆 John(王敏德飾)收到勒索電郵,要求聽從指令,三日內交 19 萬超低贖金,否則公開財務分析。小儒上司 Irene(張雪芹飾)為保客戶股價,找來刑警前夫唐輔(邵仲衡飾)低調調查,將有關職員隔離:而分析員牧野(朱鑑然飾)一度失蹤、客戶技術總監 Zachary(泰臣飾)不歡離職,都嫌疑極大;綁匪近在咫尺,指令古怪,志不在錢,背後隱藏更大危機?

Adapted from Hong Kong novelist, Mannshin’s award-winning mystery novel of the same name.
Siu-yu (played by Cecilia So), a financial analyst who has been working to complete a budget analyst for an investment bank, finds that a file containing confidential information has been mysteriously deleted. Her colleague, Dylan (played by Ng Siu-hin), from the I.T. Department, also has no luck tracing the missing file. Soon after, their boss, John (played by Michael Wong) receives a ransom email from someone called K Kidnapper, demanding just $190,000 worth of ransom. The ransom must be paid in 3 days, otherwise they will share the information to public. Siu-yu’s superior, Irene (played by Candy Cheung), finds her ex-husband, Tong Fu (played by David Siu), a crime detective to discretely carry out an investigation in an attempt to maintain stock prices. While Tong Fu demands everyone to stay in a service apartment, an employee is found missing; A technical officer resigns, everyone is a suspect!

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