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Lonely Fifteen 靚妹仔
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香港電影 《靚妹仔》高清修復 版線上觀看
Hong Kong Movie: Lonely Fifteen - HD Restored. Watch Online.

🏆 The 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Main Actress, Lam Bik-kei
🏆 第二屆香港電影金像獎: 最佳女主角—林碧琪

Lonely Fifteen《靚妹仔》HD Restored 高清修復


Set up as a pseudo docu-drama, the film follows the fictional activities of several youngsters between the ages of 13 and 15 and watches them change into hardened, street-wise individuals whose focus is on a good time, drinking, dancing, drugs, sex, and generally self-destructive pursuits. One of these characters is a young girl forced onto the streets from a broken home and dysfunctional family. Once out on her own she falls in with the wrong crowd, barely surviving, and constantly beset with the emotional and physical hardships of street life (rejection, degradation, lack of meaningful human contact) she has nowhere to turn. This film was released in Hong Kong right in the middle of news stories on a prostitution racket involving young teenage girls. 

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