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Life Must Go On (Toronto Premiere) 深宵閃避球 (多倫多首映)

外展社工楊琦(周家怡 飾)主理的「深宵體育館」 多年鼓勵不願歸家的少女們做運動;無奈面臨閉館。在資深教練劉志聰(鄭伊健 飾)協助下,參加全港閃避球錦標賽打贏就留館留人,打輸就執包袱走人! 教練同8位隊員本身都各有煩惱,但呢一刻無得再退避,全情投入頂硬上,一齊領悟閃避球嘅真諦! (Scroll down -> Read More for English synopsis)

Tickets available Jan 6 at 9 PM
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Life Must Go On (Toronto Premiere)  深宵閃避球 (多倫多首映)
Life Must Go On (Toronto Premiere)  深宵閃避球 (多倫多首映)

Time & Location

Jan 22, 2023, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Innis Town Hall Theatre, Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5, Canada

About the Event

| Air time: 1 hr 33 min | Cantonese with English subtitle |

| Meet-with-Director Q&A Google Meet after screening | 

| 片長1小時33分鐘  | 廣東話配英文字幕 |

| 放映後緊接與導演 GoogleMeet 對談  |

"Life's Like a Ball. Don't Afraid to Fall"

When her “midnight gymnasium” program for wayward teens is under the threat of being defunded, social worker Yanki puts together a dodgeball team to save it. With the help of an unemployed, has-been star jock as the coach, the motley crew of teen girls learn that dodging from their problems can work temporarily, but they must learn to eventually stand back up and overcome their challenges!

「喺邊度跌低! 就要喺邊度再跌低!」

外展社工楊琦(周家怡 飾)主理「深宵體育館」 計劃多年,一直鼓勵不願歸家的少女們,凌晨時份來到體育館做運動;無奈管理層突然出現人事變動,隨即面臨閉館危機… 在自稱資深教練的劉志聰(鄭伊健 飾)協助下,集合8位問題少女組成「粉青隊」,參加全港閃避球錦標賽:打贏就留館留人,打輸就執包袱走人!


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