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【 Toronto 只映一場】《4拍4家族》BAND FOUR + 多倫多本地樂隊 Kings & Queen 表演

一個票價有齊電影 + 多倫多本地樂隊 Kings & Queen 表演 Enjoy the movie + Kings & Queen's Band Show for one price 【FREE SEATING】

Tickets available Dec 3, 10:30pm
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【 Toronto 只映一場】《4拍4家族》BAND FOUR + 多倫多本地樂隊 Kings & Queen 表演
【 Toronto 只映一場】《4拍4家族》BAND FOUR + 多倫多本地樂隊 Kings & Queen 表演

Time & Location

Jan 07, 2024, 4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

U of T Innis Town Hall, Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5, Canada

About the Event

4:00 pm  Kings & Queen 樂隊表演

5:15 pm《4拍4家族》

7:00 pm《4拍4家族》加拿大限定Q&A環節

《4拍4家族》BAND FOUR

片長:107 分鐘 

Runtime: 107min


Cantonese with Traditional Chinese and English Subtitle

《4拍4家族》故事講述決心踏上國際舞台的Band Four 主音Cat (謝安琪 飾)自小崇拜結他手父親家勁, King (泰迪羅賓 飾),父親卻在她十歲時離家出走。廿多年後,Cat 媽病逝,父女在火葬場內重逢,此時,Cat多了9歲兒子Riley(陳諾霆 飾),家勁攜帶了女兒樂弦(Anna hisbbuR 飾)回來。四人忽然同一屋簷下,一個家四種聲音,各有掙扎、秘密與恐懼,難以溝通。音樂是四人唯一的共通點,當透過音樂四人開始合拍互相聆聽時,Band Four 卻面臨更大難關 ⋯⋯

Since young, Cat (starring Kay TSE) has admired her father King (starring Teddy Robin), who left home when she was ten and never being connected.

Years later, they meet again in a crematorium, where Cat is with her nine years old son Riley (starring Rondi CHAN). While King is with Cat’s half-blooded sister Lok Yin (starring Anna hisbbuR). After an interim decision, the four of them are living together. This new family with four different voices, each with their past life, secrets, and fears. As the once-broken family members begin to set aside their differences and support each other, they will face even greater hardships with Cat's genetic disease.



Kings & Queen - 多倫多本地樂隊,成立於 2015 年。自成立以來,樂隊曾登上各種舞台,包括 大多倫多文化中心何伯釗劇院、FLATO Markham Theatre、多倫多唐人街節、企業活動和市內音樂表演。他們專注於多元化的表演,擅長涵蓋粵語流行、日本流行、英語流行和華語流行。 他們的曲目也延伸到搖滾樂,並透過翻唱表演和原創作品展現自己的藝術才華,並曾獲萬錦市長表揚

Kings & Queen, a Toronto-based band, was established in 2015. Since its inception, the band has graced various prominent stages, including the P.C. Ho Theatre at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, FLATO Markham Theatre, Toronto Chinatown Festival, corporate events, and citywide music shows. They specialize in a diverse range of performances, skillfully covering Canton-pop, J-Pop, English pop, and Mandarin-pop. Their repertoire also extends to rock-and-roll, and they showcase their artistry through both cover performances and original compositions. They were praised by the Mayor of Markham

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