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DOT 2 DOT 點對點
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香港電影 《點對點》版線上觀看
Hong Kong Movie: Dot 2 Dot. Watch Online.

從多倫多回流的雪聰(陳豪 飾),多年來在香港不同的角落畫下神秘圖案,一直都未被任何人發現。直到最近,從長春南下當普通話老師的小雪(蒙亭宜 飾)偶然之下發現並成功破解,連起所有這些沒有數字的點點圖,一幅又一幅與從前的香港息息相關的圖案、回憶活現於這個繁忙的城市。但究竟是誰留下這些圖案?又會是誰把它連起呢?二人決定要在這個開埠170多年兼住了700多萬人的城市,展開一場猜情尋遊戲……


"Dot 2 Dot" directed and produced by the first time filmmaker Amos WHY. Starring Moses CHAN, MENG Ting-yi, Susan SHAW, LAM Tze Chung, David SIU and Candy CHEUNG. A refreshing take on the pressing issues of urban change and collective memory, with just the right dose of humour and romance. Chung(acted by Moses CHAN) returns from Canada to a drastically transformed Hong Kong and hoping to capture the city in his childhood years, graffitis a cryptic diagram near every subway station, in the form of dot-to-dot games. Soon they are discovered by Xue(acted by MENG Ting-yi), a Putonghua teacher from China determined to solve these riddles as she immerses herself in our city’s culture and history.

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