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香港電影 《大藍湖》版線上觀看
Hong Kong Movie: Big Blue Lake. Watch Online.

《大藍湖》是對香港大自然和傳統文化的歌頌,亦是一齣寫實又夢幻的電影,藏著親情與愛情的線索。張麗儀 (唐寧 飾) 年少離開村往外走,將青春歲月獻給海外和中國大陸的舞台工作,一心計劃在台上覓理想,至三十歲逼近眼前,卻突然失業,徬惶無助,最終事敗返港,跑回老家重整人生。 

麗儀返回位於西貢蠔涌的老家,驚覺村落受時間洗禮已不如往昔,而闊別十年的母親 (覃恩美 飾) 亦已年華老去,不復當年。麗儀重新投入簡樸自然的生活,守候在母親身邊,似是想追回過去十年的光陰,但郊外刻板平靜的世界,卻因為舊同學林進 (周俊偉 飾) 的闖入而變得熱鬧起來。二人各自帶著情感的遺憾走遍村中角落,踏上尋愛旅程。短短的日子中充滿了謊言、秘密與錯愛。最後各人都找到了各自的大藍湖,一個出現在心靈之中的大藍湖,重新學會放低與面對,迎接更多挑戰的未來。

Set in a realistic world, the film is a story of love, family, and the changes that transpire in people and places.  The film borrows the long history of its location to tell a story that is at once realistic and dreamlike.  Charting the soul-searching journey of its two protagonists, Cheung Lai-yee (Leila Kong) and Lin Jin (Lawrence Chou), to the Big Blue Lake entrenched in their memories, the film exquisitely and lightheartedly portrays the transience of people and places, while highlighting the permanence of love and family.  The two characters have done things they regret, but they finally find the strength to let go of the past and start anew.

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