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香港電影 《燈火闌珊》版線上觀看
Hong Kong Movie: A Light Never Goes Out. Watch Online




Middle-aged widow Mei Heung (starring Sylvia CHANG) has gone through countless sleepless nights since the death of her husband, Bill (starring Simon YAM). One day, she finds a key among the items that Bill left behind, leading her to his secret neon workshop and meet the young apprentice, Leo (starring Henick CHOU).  She learns from Leo that Bill had an unfulfilled last wish: to recreate a demolished legendary neon sign.  With Leo’s help, Mei-heung tries to uncover the story behind the sign and learns the craft of blowing neon lights in hopes of fulfilling her deceased husband's last wish with her own hands.  Along the way, Mei-heung reminisces about her beautiful encounters with Bill and unearths pieces of Bill's past as if they are the last consolation left by him.  Meanwhile, Mei-heung’s daughter, Prism (starring Cecilia CHOI), plans to leave Hong Kong with her fiancé, but she is unable to break the news to Mei-heung.


As clues of the legendary neon sign gradually emerge, the secrets that Mei-heung couldn't face are about to be revealed...

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